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The range of careers and life choices that Wellensians have followed is truly astonishing in its breadth. Collectively these experiences represent a large repository of hard won wisdom about the routes to success.

The Association provides an opportunity for OWs to share some of their personal experience for the benefit of the next generation of Wellensians. The Connections programme links current and former young Wells students (e.g. recent graduates) with OWs who can provide insights into particular career and life paths.

It is merit and hard work rather than the old school tie that quite rightly wins success nowadays, but in a highly competitive and complex world there is an even greater need for winners to give something back to those still seeking the best way to get off the starting block.

Please send enquiries to:  connections@oldws.org.uk
For Wells Sixth Formers and recent leavers (e.g. new graduates)
If you would like to access the experience and insights of someone who has already trodden the path you are contemplating, get in touch at connections@oldws.org.uk to explain your area of interest and we will see if there is an OW who is able to help.
For OW support providers:

If you are an OW with experience of work or of other major life choices (e.g. challenges of work/life) please do consider this pretty painless way of “giving back”. You do not need to be an expert in your field or necessarily have a wide overview knowledge of it. In many cases the value is in suggesting questions as much as in providing all the answers.

The usual method of communicating will be by email or perhaps a phone chat. Whether more can be done, e.g. suggesting further contacts, will depend on the people and circumstances.

We might also occasionally seek an OW to come to School to talk informally to a group of students.

Please register your willingness to help by emailing to connections@oldws.org.uk

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